NAIDOC Week - 2022

Family is Culture – it says it all.

The NAIDOC 2022 theme, ‘Get up, Stand Up, Show Up,’ reminds us of the steps taken by those before us to bring attention to injustices and wrongdoings of Governments of the past. If it was not for the courage of our Elders and Ancestors, we would not have survived as a culture.
We continue to battle systems, injustice, bias and racism in a multitude of ways.
This year, Ngunya Jarjum teams want to raise awareness of the Family is Culture report, an independent review of Aboriginal Children and Young People in out of Home care in New South Wales. This report was released in November 2019, and the review made 125 recommendations about the way the NSW Government delivers services and over 3,000 recommendations referring to specific children and young people.
Firstly, the report clearly identifies the lack of investment in family preservation services and family support prior to removal of children from family homes – something we have actively fought for as Aboriginal workers and Agencies trusted by our community to care for families.
The report talks to the importance of family placements for Aboriginal children on Country, living with family or kin. Aboriginal children being placed with non-related, non-aboriginal caregivers should never be considered ‘normal’, and if ever needed should only be a short-term option while family are located.
The report speaks to the failing of the Government to meet the cultural care obligations for Jarjums taken from their homes and exposed further failing of NSW Government to ensure that our Jarjums and their families were actively engaged in decision making and self-directing their own outcomes.
The report says the things we know to be true.
This year Ngunya Jarjum were supported by National Indigenous Australians Agency to source a few items to promote the Family is Culture report awareness in our communities. I ask that you enjoy using the merchandise and make the time to read through the Family is Culture report and its recommendations. A link to the report can be found on this website.
Together, Lets ‘Get up, Stand Up, Show Up,’ and keep the NSW Government accountable to the outcomes and recommendations in the report because;
the Family is Culture report – says it all.

Wendy Knight – CEO

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