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Balaa – Casework Support Services

Aboriginal Mentoring

One on one individual support to a child or young persons. Includes agreed schedule to follow by all parties involved. Provide written reports and individual assessments at the end of scheduled visits.
Mentors will:

  • Help the young person achieve their goal
  • Help the young person improve in school
  • Nurture the young person’s self-confidence
  • Listen to the young person and help solve problems
  • Introduce the young person to new ideas and opportunities
  • Connect and maintain young persons to culture and heritage with regards to identity and family genealogy
  • Maintain confidentiality of our relationship
  • Provide weekly feedback regarding their mentorship contact, progress and experience to the client via an email following each session

Transport Services

If you need help getting from A to B under certain circumstances, NJ can help you.

We can arrange appropriate transport to help get your children to medical appointments or to facilitate Family Contact meetings.

Aboriginal Consultation for Case Planning

Consultation with Aboriginal community about the needs of Aboriginal children at risk of serious harm is critical to obtaining information to support your assessment of a child’s needs and identify connections to extended family to support you in decision making for the permanency outcome of a child or young person.

Through consultation, families are supported in case planning by Aboriginal Community Facilitators through Aboriginal Family-led Decision Making processes.  Ngunya Jarjum are able to assist you to connect with families and communicate safety and risk concerns that the child is living within. 

Ngunya Jarjum offer Caseworkers with strong connections across most of the Far North Coast and other locations in NSW. We offer through consultation, our community networks and understanding of culturally safe community organisations to support your casework within the family.


Respite Placement

NJ can help with respite care for short periods of time, such as school holidays, weekends or for short periods during the week. NJ includes a written report with this service. This service is available as per the CSS Schedule of Service:

Daytime: 8.30am – 7pm
Overnight: 6pm – 8.30am

Time limited services which can be assessed on regular occasions to support children and young people as well as their caregivers in placement.

Supervised Contact Services

NJ can help ensure that children are able to maintain connections and contacts with parents, at the same time,in a safe and supported environment.

Our Supervised Contact Services host a child centric and secure environment to help children from fractured families maintain or develop a relationship with both parents where difficult parenting circumstances exist. We provide a space where children feel comfortable and supported and we can help minimise stress and anxiety between changeover times between parents.  The main goal of our Supervised Contact Service is to help children remain connected or connect with all members of their family, and to help everyone to feel safe and comfortable in potentially difficult circumstances.

Locating Gumaguy

Our service seeks out, locates and establishes a network of family members who can become a firm source of emotional, and practical support to children and youth.

The service explores both maternal and paternal family of the child, as well as assists a child or young person to reconnect with family in line with OCG Standards 4 and 5.

Fee includes locating estranged family and report as well as a reviewed genogram.  1-3 months of intensive effort to locate and incorporate family into the life of the child or young person.


Aboriginal Cultural Support Planning

Aboriginal Case Planning is the case management practice of meeting an Aboriginal child’s need for safety, stability and cultural continuity with a focus on permanency.  Ngunya Jarjum provide cultural planning which:

  • Identifies the cultural needs of the child or young person
  • Outlines how a child or young person is going to be immersed in their culture to maintain and support their cultural identity, language, spirituality and religion, connection and sense of belonging to family, community, Country and culture
  • Helps ensure that important cultural and family information is maintained for any child who is too young to contribute to their own cultural support plan or for a child who does not want to identify with their community or culture
  • Includes information that should inform ongoing practices and processes related to cultural support planning, life story work and sustained casework for the child/young person.


Teen/Parent Carer Mediation Services

Adolescents is a difficult and stressful time for our youth.  We offer a structured mediation service for Aboriginal youth and their parent or caregiver to support placement of children when living at home or in a care arrangement.

  • Trained facilitator in adolescent mediation (Fighting Fair)
  • Resolve communication differences between caregivers and youth
  • Teach youth to communicate their needs in a purposeful manner
  • Nurture the young person’s self-confidence
  • Listen to the young person and help solve problems
  • Encourage caregivers to hear the needs of youth



We are here to help in so many ways. If you have anything you feel you need to talk to us about – ideas for balaa, concerns or suggestions then please do not hesitate to call or email us.