Balaa Support Services

Ngunya Jarjum’s Balaa Team are here to support our Aboriginal Families.

In the local Widjabul dialect, ‘Balaa’ means to ‘help’. We consider the name appropriate, as the services offered through Balaa are provided to compliment quality case planning for children and families and wrap-around the child and family to improve outcomes for Aboriginal families in Northern NSW across the whole of sector.

Finding Gumaguy

Locate extended family for services to provide better connected outcomes for children in care

Supervised Contact

Some of our families may not feel comfortable attending family time in DCJ offices, therefore Ngunya Jarjum through Balaa are able to offer access to family time facilities as fee for service room hire.

Youth Mentoring

This Balaa service may be used to support young people's development opportunities or to provide cultural support to those seeking to balance their Cultural identity and everyday challenges.


Transport with one worker from one point to another for children / young people or family members needing to attend appointment/s in accordance with the case plan.


Mediation Services

Based on the ‘fighting fair’ model of alternative dispute resolution, this service offers an opportunity open communication between adolescents and their caregivers. 

Family Conferencing

Family meeting arrangement facilitated by a qualified practitioner to ensure that the meeting objectives and outcomes are child focussed, realistic and meaningful to the goal.

Aboriginal Consultation

Through our extensive network of employees, Ngunya Jarjum, through Balaa are able to offer other services meaningful and purposeful consultation around contemporary issues

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