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The Ngunya Jarjum out of home care teams support family members to share family related chronic health information that may be important to their jarjum. This information supports our caseworkers to plan well for the long-term health and wellbeing while jarjums are being case managed by our service.
Ngunya jarjum caseworkers in out of home care facilitate a discussion with the jarjums family in the early stages of case management when the jarjum is referred to our agency and reviews the jarjums health planning annually incorporating the information held relating to chronic health disorders which are known to the family. In doing so, we support better and more informed health care for jarjums as they grow.
Chronic health is a major issue in Australia and it’s important to know as early as possible to reduce its impact.
The information below shows us how important chronic health information is for early support and lifelong care.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people experience chronic health conditions that impact on their lives in various ways.

Although there are regional and cultural differences across communities’, health and health support is a shared concern. Planning for chronic health care, early childhood learning support, and disability support planning when needed, are important protective factors throughout a Jarjums life.
Care planning for your Jarjum begins with your family-associated chronic health information.

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For further information contact Nyunya Jarjum on the number below.
Information above was adapted from the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Health Conditions Prevalence 2020-21.

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