Our Services

Case Management

NJ provides early intervention case management that is child centric with the focus on protecting vulnerable children and ensuring their well being

NJ strives to understand and deliver upon the developmental needs of Aboriginal children and young people, including physical, emotional, cognitive, cultural and spiritual elements – elements that are all equally important to a child’s well being.

NJ provides every opportunity for a child, wherever possible, to be raised within their own family, community, culture and on Country. The children are cared for in safe and nurturing homes, by relatives and kin who support and strengthen their identity and connections to family, and have every possible opportunity for their views to be sought and heard.

Carer Recruitment

Choosing to become a Ngunya Jarjum foster carer is a personal but very rewarding decision. Our experienced team team can guide you on how to join this programme and develop the skills to really make a difference in a child’s life.

The NJ team are always looking for quality Aboriginal foster carers. We need people who have are very focused on delivering outstanding care for Aboriginal foster children. Our team offers professional support to all of our foster carers, while they provide a child or young person in need with a loving home, care and support. With over 6000 Aboriginal children or young people in NSW alone are living in foster care placements, we here at NJ feel it is vitally important to develop a dedicated pool of Indigenous foster carers to provide all the support these young people need to thrive in their community.

NJ offers strong guidance and support for our Carers

Dedicated caseworker

All NJ Carers will be assigned a caseworker to offer you support and guidance on any given placement. Plus, they’ll visit you with a planned frequency to ensure the child’s needs are met while in your care, as well as supporting you in your important role as carer.


NJ provides opportunities for carers to participate in ongoing training programs.

Fortnightly allowance

All foster Carers will be provided with a fortnightly allowance, scaled with regard to the age of the young people in care and the level of care they require. This is to help cover the costs involved with providing quality care for the child in your care. Paid per child, the allowance does not count towards your taxable income. This means that it will not affect your tax or earnings if you are working.

Community Engagement

NJ recognises the importance of keeping a community engaged, motivated and working together. That’s why we offer a variety of projects and programs designed to strengthen Aboriginal communities. 

We regularly hold events, courses and programmes covering a wide selection of topics all designed to help the local community. These topics cover such things as:

  • Educational Programs for children and adults
  • Workshops covering
    • Child Protection
    • Mental Health
    • Drug & Alcohol Management
    • Behaviour Management Support

Case Work Support Program

  • Supervised contact services
  • Respite for kids & carers
  • Transport
  • Cultural support planning
  • Family finding
  • Foster carer & kinship carer assessments

Aboriginal Organisation Capacity

NJ recognises and supports the need for local Aboriginal Communities to successfully implement and manage a broad range of of programs and services to support their people.

NJ can deliver training and support across a variety of sectors to achieve the successful outcomes for the community organisation. We are very aware that there are several elements which require careful management to ensure success is achieved for your organisation.  Key outcomes we are looking to jointly achieve with you are:

  • ensuring your community has invested ownership of and control over decision-making
  • Aboriginal culture is pivotal to the program, with a focus on the understanding of local context, history and community leaders
  • local Indigenous staff work on the program or in the organisation
  • strong corporate governance exists
  • Indigenous staff are working on programs
  • trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with partners are established

Aboriginal Permanency Support Program

The NJ Permanency Support Program provides dedicated support and services to assist vulnerable children to ensure they can grow and flourish to their greatest potential in a stable, safe and loving home.

The goals of the NJ team reflect those of laid out by the NSW Government’s  Family & Community Services. Primarily there are three outcomes we looking to achieve:

  1. Keep families together by reducing the number of children going into care.
  2. Reduce the amount of time a child spends in care – we strive to return children home or find nurturing other permanent homes for children at risk.
  3. Deliver a better care experience for those unfortunate children who have suffered trauma and have individual needs on their path to recovery.

Aboriginal Consultation Guide

NJ sees Aboriginal Consultation as a hugely important part of empowering Aboriginal families on matters that directly affect them.

The best code of practise to achieve beneficial and supportive outcomes for Aboriginal families is to ensure there is open, respectful dialogue between all parties when determining the best direction for the care of Aboriginal children and young people. NJ can help facilitate these discussions and deliberations thus maintaining two way communication between all parties involved with the best interests of the child at heart.

Supervised Contact Services

NJ can help ensure that children are able to maintain connections and contacts with parents, at the same time,in a safe and supported environment.

Our Supervised Contact Services host a child centric and secure environment to help children from fractured families maintain or develop a relationship with both parents where difficult parenting circumstances exist. We provide a space where children feel comfortable and supported and we can help minimise stress and anxiety between changeover times between parents.  The main goal of our Supervised Contact Service is to help children remain connected or connect with all members of their family, and to help everyone to feel safe and comfortable in potentially difficult circumstances.

Transport Services

If you need help getting from A to B under certain circumstances, NJ can help you.

We can arrange appropriate transport to help get your children to medical appointments or to facilitate Family Contact meetings.