Ngunya Jarjum have been directly impacted by the Flood event of February 2022. Our team are still  delivering services – however our workplace is no longer accessible.

Our switch phone is working 02 6626 3700 – we will direct your calls and messages.

Staffing: Some of our workers, their families and extended communities have suffered extensively as a result of the flood event, our staff availability has been directly impacted as we make space for these families to commence recovery processes. No one has been left untouched as a result of this disaster.

Resilience: As an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organization (ACCO), not for profit, with a focus on families and children we have pride in our capacity to bounce back from adversity. We are the Oldest living culture in the world, our Ancestors who walked before us have shown us best how to survive – we depend on their strength to support us through this tough time.

Donations: We are gratefully accepting donations to support recovery – if you would like to make a donation through paypal to support recovery click here.

*Note all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Welcome to Ngunya Jarjum

Aboriginal Child and Family Network

We value building meaningful relationships and work to build trust with families, communities and our partners.

Our Vision is for a connected, culturally rich and thriving community where Ngunya Jarjum support our local families to nurture their children, raise them on country, and preserve our culture and strength into the future.

Delivering Support
Delivering childcare support for over 20 years
Over 120 Dedicated Carers
With more than 130 Aboriginal children and young people in statutory out of home care
Children's Guardian Office Accredited
Outstanding results with 100% accreditation and compliance
Value and Respect
Building meaningful relationships and trust with families, communities and our partners.
Regional Aboriginal Employment
One of the largest Aboriginal employers in the region

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Would you like to become a Carer?

We are always needing to increase our Foster Carer pool and are actively seeking carers who believe that they can make a positive difference in the life of a child or young person.

We’ll provide you with extensive training, 24-hour caseworker support, a fortnightly allowance to cover day-to-day expenses and activities for the children and young people you care for.

Ngunya Jajrum are working in line with the NSW COVID Public Health Orders.
Take care and look after yourself, your families and our community

Positive Results

Ngunya Jarjum has helped many children, families and support agencies achieve positive and lasting results

45 +
Children and Families Supported

Ngunya Jarjum currently support over 135 children in Statutory Out of Home Care

45 +
Compassionate Carers and Households

We have a dedicated team of compassionate carers and their families

25 %
Approved Accreditation and Compliance

Full compliance with the NSW Office of Childrens Guardian

1 +
Years of Experience and Expertise

We have been delivering culturally appropriate support since 1995

Supporting The Children

We welcome your donation. Every Bit Helps!

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